Medical Detectives at Hoosac Valley

  • Taking Vital Signs & Diagnosing Patients

    Posted by Lindsay McGinnis on 2/11/2019 12:30:00 PM

    After the first few weeks of learning to read vital signs, students are digging deeper - learning how to read medical files and diagnose patients! Check out the new photos added of students learning to take pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and respiratory rate.  In the next few weeks they will be focusing on laboratory techniques by testing the effectiveness of antibiotics!

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  • Introduction to Medical Detectives

    Posted by Lindsay McGinnis on 1/17/2019 1:00:00 PM

    Welcome to Medical Detectives! 

    Each academic quarter, 8th grade students experience new exploratory classes.  Students coming into Medical Detectives get a taste of the role medical professionals, a better understanding of human body systems, and science skills that will help them through the rest of their high school career.  In this blog I hope to add new posts each class's progress and the awesome activities we do.  Feel free to comment any encouraging words or ask questions.  However, please note if your question needs a more timely response you can email me directly!

    Thank you for supporting our learning process and community!

    Mrs. McGinnis

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ACRSD Grade 8

  • Medical Detectives

    Students play the role of real-life medical detectives as they collect and analyze medical data to diagnose disease. They solve medical mysteries through hands-on projects and labs, measure and interpret vital signs, dissect a sheep brain, investigate disease outbreaks, and explore how a breakdown within the human body can lead to dysfunction. 

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